“CRU is a great full body workout that makes us push ourselves to the maximum. Our stamina and strength improves with every session and helps us get closer to our fitness goals. The pack leaders and the other members make the overall experience really fun and enjoyable. The occasional theme classes always keep things fresh too! The music and energy of each class keeps us coming back for more.”

“CRU is, without a doubt, my happy place! Whether it’s spin or box, I know that I’m always going to have an amazing workout with an instructor who is upbeat, passionate and encourages me to give my all — pushing me to my limits every time. Since my first class at CRU nearly 5 years ago, I’ve become so much stronger and made many new friends, be it instructors, front desk or clientele. In short: I always look forward to my 50 minutes of sweat dripping, arm breaking, endorphin high giving fun!”

"I have been going to CruCycle for the last 4 or 5 years now, and it always feels like home! You know that from the time you step in! The quality of the studio is top notch - from the front desk, to the studio, the facilities, and the instructors! As a member, I've always felt like I get my money's worth because I know that I get the best every time I step through those doors. Throughout the years I have seen CRU continuously strive to improve even better and give the best to their members."


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